Complimentary Services

New Client Consultation


This is our initial meeting with you and your pets. We will discuss your individual needs, and sign all necessary forms. If you chose to go with Purrs and Pawz, we’ll collect 1 copy of your house key. (This allows us to start visiting your pets right away, and can prove to be invaluable if you ever lock yourself out of your house!) The initial consultation is free of charge and is essential for every pet and owner as it allows us to get familiar with your pets and their behavior. We can also learn where the food, toys, leash, and other important items are kept. We also ask for a full payment from first-time clients. Future payments for established client will be due at the end of each week.   

What else is included in a visit?


We customize our service to suit your pet's individual routine and needs. Every visit includes plenty of love and attention, plus any or all of the following:  

  • Providing fresh food and water - special diets are no problem
  • Walking (or letting pet into yard if no walks requested)
  • Treats as specified
  • Administering medications (including subcutaneous fluids)
  • Clean and/or change litter boxes
  • Responsible pickup and disposal of pet waste
  • Complimentary household services
  • Text or email updates every day

Additional complimentary household services during vacation


  • Turn lights on/off
  • Open/close blinds
  • Water house plants
  • Bring in mail/newspaper/packages
  • Take trash & recycling in/out
  • Set house alarms
  • Adjust thermostat

But wait...there's more!



  • No fuel surcharge
  • No last-minute booking or cancellation fee
  • No charge to administer medications (including injections)
  • Complimentary text/email updates throughout the course of the job
  • No extra charge for household services (e.g. bring in mail, water plants, take out trash)

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